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Hey, Mark. Thanks for watching my apartment while I'm away. I know you haven't been out much since Jill's disappearance, but I think this is good for you and I really appreciate your consideration! 




  • Unity
    • Cinemachine
  • FMOD
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere 



Jill 569 MB


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So this was an interesting take of a game. I wish there had been a couple more options on how it went though. Like maybe some secrets to find and such. A litlle more substance, all in all though it wasn't bad. Hope you guys make more.

Good game.  I didn't realize that looking for the crazy person was a bad idea until it was far to late.  

Couldn't figure out how to water the plants, but the story was interesting. 

Wow that took a turn! Great game. My first game I've played/recorded in a month (because I was waiting on my new computer). But great job!

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While storywise, I had a bit of trouble piecing it together (That's on me). Gameplay wise, creep factor went through the roof the more videos you played. Great job there.

Here's my channel link if you want to see other games I played. 


Really enjoyed playing the game, it was a nice experience, the ambience was great, it kept me on edge all the time thinking somebody is gonna jump at me. 

Props for the acting in the game! Definitely wanna see you make more 

Interesting little game. I enjoyed it!

My channel ( opens in  new tab): youtube.com/jonathick

Time to get spooked as we look at a few horror games I've never played like PT and Jill!

A CREEPY VHS TAPE STORY | Jill Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Fantastic game! Had me on the edge of my seat. That ending though...keep up the good work developers!

I really love how the story of this game is put together, really outside the box :D .. 

I was creeped out without compare :O

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Un jeu bien fais pour un travail réalisé a seulement 4 personne, bien jouer !

I'm a bit confused about the overall story of what happened, but that's just me xD

I had a blast playing this game, thanks for the fun (:!

MY play through: 

Cool game. I didn't quite understand the end, but still neat.

Poor Jill. And what happened to her dad? 

Makes you feel uneasy! I enjoyed it  for sure. Keep up the good work